About This

30 days of awesome was started way back in 2009, when two girls, Jess and LB, set off on a summer adventure to show up any adventure before them: They planned to do awesome things every day for a whole month. From mini golf to mega drunk, they used their awesomeness to fight a war against heat and work and boredom. They won.

The following year, they invited two more girls to join their league of awesome, and eventually more came into the mix. Each girl with her own style and strength, they took on the challenge bravely and came our winners of awesome.

The rules of 30 Days are simple enough to understand, but are quite an undertaking to follow. Each participant must not only do something totally AWESOME, but it must be different every day and must be blogged about. It’s not a contest, but a chance to look at life in a positive, fun, and awesome way. Make sure to include the #30daysofAwesome on your Instragram posts to be included in the fuN!

We will face hardships and hangovers, lack motivation and inspiration. But in the end it will all pay off, because even though we may run our credit cards dry, being awesome is priceless.

So follow us girls on this blog and get inspired. Because really, you can be awesome this too!

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