30daysofawesome, day27. there is a written rule about living in Vermont, and for the last three years I’ve been strongly avoiding it. mountain biking is life, and that’s that. but, as most of you probably know, I’m much better on one snowboard than I am on two wheels. with the guidance of my awesome Nana/life mentor @shredly1 I finally gave in and gave this whole mountain bike thing a try! it was an amazing experience and I’m so glad that Clarissa finally got me out there! #30daysofawesome #thanksnana #livbeyond

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30daysofawesome, day26. while driving through North Kingston, RI, @mgdotcom pointed out that the birthplace of the famous painter Gilbert Stuart was right around the corner…to which I replied, “who?” Matty pulled out his wallet to show me one of his paintings…to which I replied, “you carry around one of his paintings in your wallet?” turns out we all have a famous Gilbert Stuart painting in our wallets – as he was the famous portraitist of George Washington (my second favorite president) that was used on the dollar bill! that’s me on the bridge paying tribute to his contribution to fast food $1 menus everywhere. #30daysofawesome #history #gilbertstuart #rhodeislandstuff

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