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30 Days of Awesome is a free 30-day journey exploring better habits for a better life.  We’ll work together on developing better sleeping, eating, drinking and moving habits that make us feel awesome.  We’ll provide recommendations for maximum awesomeness and you’ll set your own goals and work to gradually improve in each area in ways that are sustainable.  We’ll send you emails with tips, tricks and encouragement to help you achieve new levels of Awesomeness.

There are a lot of 30-Day Challenges that are overwhelming, unsustainable and make you feel like a failure by the end. The goal of 30 Days of Awesome is growth. Not perfect, but better. Not 30 days of insanity, but 30 days of gradual progress that you can turn into 10,000 days of gradual progress. Small steps that add up to big change.

If you have a hunch that life could be more awesome, then join us!  What’s the best that could happen?

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